7 Steps to Prepare Your Home for New Roof Installation

May 9, 2022 at 5:00 AM
Roofer tearing the roof apart before installing a brand new roof

Replacing your old roof with a new one is an exciting project. Not to mention that a new roof increases the value of your home and ensures your interior structure is safe from water damage for years to come. But if you’ve never had your roof replaced before, you’ll want to take a few steps to guarantee you’re prepared.

To help you learn exactly what to expect from a new roof installation, and other things you’ll want to consider about the process, Bad Weather Restorations has created this guide.

1. Consider the Roofing Company

First and foremost, you’ll want to consider who you hire to install your new roof. Not every roofing company offers the same quality of services. And making a wrong decision can mean overpaying for the quality you receive, project delays, and an overall unpleasant experience. So that you avoid the worst-case scenario, take your time to research the roofing companies you’re considering.

Ask for estimates, make sure that the company offers warranties, and learn about their experiences with similar projects. It’s also helpful to pay attention to how easily the business is reached.

2. Children and Pets

After you’ve chosen an expert roofing company for your project, it’s time to start preparing for the roof installation itself. While the project is underway, certain areas of your home or yard should be off-limits to young children and pets. Help your young ones understand the dangers, and bring your outside pets inside. It can also be a good idea to visit family or friends while your roof is being installed, but leaving your home during the process is not required.

3. Clear Driveways

Of course, in order for your roof to be installed, your roofers are going to need access to the roof. Additionally, debris is likely to fall in certain areas around the outside of your home. If you’re able to, it’s best to move your vehicles out of the driveway as well as clear sidewalks so that the roofers have quick, easy access.

If you have patio furniture, outdoor grills, or potted plants, you’ll want to consider moving these into your garage or home. Or at the very least, covering them with tarps while work is underway.

4. Protect Your Items stored in the Attic

If your home has an attic, you’ll want to take precaution to cover the items that you keep there. During the installation process, dust and debris from hammers on the roof will fall into the attic, and thus, drop onto any valuables stored in the space. Either clear the items out completely, or protect them by covering them up with old sheets or drop cloths.

5. Remove Wall Decorations

The hammers and machinery used are going to create vibrations throughout your home. These vibrations may cause items on your walls to fall down, or items from shelves against walls to fall off. So, if you have paintings or framed pictures on your walls, it’s a good idea to remove them during installation. Also consider removing books from tall shelves.

6. Prune Trees and Cut Grass Short

While a reputable roofing company will take extra measures to remove debris and fallen nails from around your home, these dangerous items can still be missed in bushes, small trees, or tall grass. So that no one will accidentally step on a nail or end up with one in their car’s tires, mow down your grass and prune bushes. That way, any remaining material is easy to find and discard.

7. Count on Bad Weather Restorations

If you’re ready to install a new roof, contact the experts at Bad Weather Restorations. We offer lifetime workmanship warranties with all of our services to ensure your project is a success. Contact us today for a free consultation.