How to Prepare Your Home for Roof Installation in West Monroe

April 7, 2021 at 11:00 PM
House after roof installation in West Monroe

It’s exciting to think about no longer having to deal with a leaky roof or one that’s old and unsafe. Before you can get a high-quality and properly installed roof, though, you’ll have to call in expert roof installers.

For many West Monroe homeowners, that’s us, RainTight Roofing Inc. And our customers often ask what they can do before we start to help us work with greater efficiency.

If you’re also not sure what to do before roof installation in West Monroe, this article is for you.

Remove antennas or satellite dishes

Antennas and satellite dishes near the area of the roof that needs to be restored interfere with the construction work.

Before roof installers arrive at your home, you’ll need to make sure you’ve taken them down.

If you’re uncertain how to do this safely, you should call your cable or satellite provider and get instructions from them.

However, if it’s an old unit that you no longer use, the contractors may offer to remove and dispose of it for you.

Take down wall decorations

This is especially important for the decorations you have in the rooms directly beneath the area where work on the roof will take place.

There will be a lot of vibrations from installers using hammers and other tools. And that means decorations that aren’t tightly fastened are at risk of falling.

To be safe, remove all the decorations hanging on the walls. That includes pictures, paintings, mirrors, clocks, etc.

If the installation covers your whole home, make sure to remove decorations throughout the entire house. Although not necessarily required, it’s cautious to do so even if only a section of the home is being roofed. Vibrations can travel throughout the house.

Prune nearby trees

Tree branches hanging low near your roof make it difficult and at times impossible to perform roof installation on your West Monroe home. Make sure to prune them before any construction work starts. If it proves to be necessary later, it will only lengthen the duration of the project.

You don’t have to worry about plants near the work area, since they can easily be protected using drop cloths.

It’s not exactly required for work to go on, but you’ll find it helpful to cut the grass around your home. Debris will be easier to find that way, making the eventual cleanup easier, faster, and more thorough.

Talk to kids about staying away from the construction area

Kids may be fascinated by all the work happening on your roof, but it’s not safe for them to linger around. While roof installers take every precaution, it’s best to leave nothing to chance. Make sure your kids understand that the construction area is off-limits until the project is complete.

Even when roof installers have left for the day, ensure that no one visits the area unnecessarily.

Pets are a little trickier in this respect, but it often helps to remove any items they find interesting within the space.

Cover items in the attic

The vibrations and movements are going to be strongest in the attic. And, in all likelihood, there’s probably a lot of dust there.

If there’s anything in the attic that you’d like to keep clean, be sure to cover it before any work begins on your roof.

And keep in mind that you’ll have to do some light vacuuming afterward.

Call RainTight Roofing Inc for roof installation in West Monroe

RainTight Roofing Inc provides roof installation in West Monroe and Monroe, the Twin Cities of Louisiana. If your living space has been made uncomfortable and unsafe by weather damage to your roof or you’re struggling with a different kind of roofing emergency, we can help you today. Reach out now to speak to an expert.