3 things roofing contractors in West Monroe, LA should check

December 2, 2021 at 7:00 AM
3 things roofing contractors in West Monroe, LA should do during an inspection

The state of your roof is crucial to ensure that your home stays protected from the elements. Small leaks can lead to big problems like mold and severe structural damage. Regular roof inspections are an essential part of maintaining a structurally sound roof, so you don’t end up paying tens of thousands of dollars in repairs later. To help make sure your inspection is done correctly, our roofing contractors in West Monroe, LA at Rain Tight Roofing have a list of things to make sure they are getting checked.

Attic ventilation

The airflow in your house is an important piece of maintaining quality air and keeping everyone in your home healthy. The ventilation in your attic is vital to let hot air rise up out of your house so it doesn’t get too stuffy. However, too much airflow means that you’re letting conditioned air escape and sacrificing efficiency as your HVAC system has to work much harder. You’ll find that your heating and cooling bills are much higher than what is necessary as the system is running more frequently than you would like to maintain a comfortable environment.

Beyond putting an extra burden on your HVAC system, a roof that’s too permeable to airflow can also let in moisture. Small amounts of moisture aren’t a significant threat if detected early, as you can resolve the issue before it gets worse. Though if the problem is allowed to get worse, you’ll find that your attic will get humid and mold, mildew, and fungus will start to grow as it’s created the perfect environment for such growth.

Condition of roof decking

Your roof’s decking is what provides the structural strength for the shingles, chimney, ventilation shafts, and anything else that goes on your roof. It’s not uncommon for the wood used for your roof’s decking to get old and wear out, warp, or mold. Your roofing contractor can usually tell if there’s a problem with your decking by walking on your roof. Areas that feel like they’re spongy can indicate that there’s a problem.

While this is an easy way to identify problems, it’s not fail-proof. Your contractor would have to take off the shingles to get a good look at the state of your roof decking. If there is a problem, you can have the area reinforced by replacing the wood rather than replacing your entire roof.

Condition of roof shingles

Your roof’s shingles are what stand between the structure of your home and the elements. Missing, cracked, or loose shingles can seem like a minor problem that doesn’t need to be addressed right away, but relentless rain during the stormy parts of the year can cause leaks that less severe rain won’t. These are obvious problems that your roofing contractor can identify and easily repair without invasive work.

Asphalt shingles are the most common material in Louisiana and are good for 15 to 30 years. Once you’ve hit the 15-year mark with your shingles, it’s crucial that you start paying close attention to their current state. An inspection by a roofing contractor can provide you with valuable insight into whether you should be preparing to re-shingle your roof in a few years or if you might have almost another decade before you have problems.

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